About dental scaling for dogs, without anaesthesia

Before dental scaling
After dental scaling

By using calming techniques and a patient approach we can successfully scale your dog’s teeth effectively.

Unfortunately, animals suffer with periodontal disease the same as humans, more so as generally the teeth do not get cleaned regularly which results in bone loss and eventually tooth loss.

There will be cases that are not suitable for non-anaesthesia dental care, whether it be the dog is unwilling to cooperate or the dog requires more advanced dental care i.e. extractions or deep scaling and therefore we would recommend a visit to your vet. But generally, we are able to perform scaling successfully using a combination of hand scalers and an ultrasonic scaler.

Here are just some of the benefits of maintaining healthy teeth for your dog:

  1. You’ll help them keep their teeth into their senior years.
  2. You’ll keep your dog healthier overall by maintaining a healthy mouth.
  3. You’ll help mitigate “doggie breath” (bad breath).
  4. You’ll make it more comfortable for your dog to chew their food. Gum disease can lead to pain that makes it uncomfortable for your dog to enjoy their food.
  5. You’ll save money in the long-run by helping your dog avoid more serious diseases through good dental care.

If your dog’s teeth are brown or the gums are receding, swollen, or inflamed, your dog needs dental care.